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Bringing people together

Club HOPE is a safe gathering place for anyone impacted by addiction to alcohol, opiates/opioids, and other drugs. We welcome people who struggle with addiction. We welcome their family members, friends, and co-workers. We also welcome professionals like doctors, nurses, psychologists, counselors, and social workers who provide services to those in need but feel frustrated, stuck, or burned out with their life’s work. People come to Club HOPE to change some part of their life that has been impacted by addiction.

People Who Struggle With Addiction

Connect with treatment centers, self-help groups, and others on journeys of recovery.

Friends & Family Members

Find a shoulder to lean on and methods for managing frustration, confusion, and exhaustion.

Co-workersNeighbors &Community members

Learn how to notice signs of addiction, how to start a conversation about it with those who struggle, and how to provide support.

Professional Caregivers

Explore your passion for the work, developnew skills, and learn strategies for self-care and rejuvenation.

Our Story

Addiction is a common human
experience with many harmful effects
that separate people from one another.
Recovering from the negative impact
of addiction is challenging but possible.
Club HOPE aims to decrease the
isolation and trauma related to addiction
by increasing connection through
compassion and love.


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About Us

Wisdom of
Stories & Dreams

“At its core, Club HOPE is about honoring the sacredness of personal narratives, because it is through story that we connect with ourselves and each other and transform as individuals and as a collective. With Club HOPE, I make my dream a reality. I hope it provides the safe space you need to discover and embrace your dreams.”

– Christina M. Delos Reyes, MD, Founder of Club HOPE

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